10 Best Scuba Diving Destinations in Greece

An engaging holiday in Greece takes various forms. And, scuba diving is one of them. There are many great places for such activities throughout Greek seas. But, to find 10 best scuba diving destinations, take a look at the following list.

Kanistro Cape, Kassandra Halkidiki

Located near the cape of Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki, the Kanistro Cape boasts a rich marine life. This rocky paradise is a home to many fishes, octopuses and snails.

Chios Island

Chios Island features attractive diving activities. Once you submerge into the depths, you’ll discover shipwrecks, underwater caves and reefs. You can approach some places from the beach.


Santorini Island is another exceptional destination for scuba divers. Besides rich marine life, you will lay eyes on the sea bed created by a huge volcano eruption.

Daragonisi Island caverns

Daragonisi Island, near Mykonos, is a new diving destination. And a great one, not to forget. While diving there, you will admire cavern walls, a company of seals and views of sea anemones.

Peloponnesos shipwreck, Mykonos

Find the Peloponnesos shipwreck in an attractive environment, abundant with marine life. Once you find the wreck, examine underwater plants inhabiting colorful reefs, too.

Britannic shipwreck, Kea Island

Near Kea Island, you will find an identical ship to the legendary Titanic. Britannic was a hospital ship when sunken by an underwater mine in the WW1. Exploring the enormous ship is great, but not suitable for inexperienced divers.

Shinaria Beach, Crete

You will find Shinaria Beach on the east of the largest island in Greece. Visibility there is great, revealing many marine species inhabiting this area. Prepare yourself to see octopuses, manta rays and scores of colorful fishes.

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