10 Ways to Save Money on a Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip for this summer? Are you looking for the best ways to save money and still wholly enjoy your trip? Then read up on the top 10 ways to save money right here!

One of the best ways to travel is by car. Driving gives you the freedom you don’t always have when going on holiday. Therefore, if I could choose a way to travel and explore other places and countries, I would definitely choose a road trip with my car and my best friends. However, like any type of holiday, road trips can be expensive.

But for your comfort, here are 10 ways to save money on your road trip.

1. Plan your route before starting your trip

Plan your trip in advance. It will save you both money and time by avoiding aimlessly driving, or backtracking which will cost more in the long run. Determine the distance of your trip, your stops, and how long it will take. This will make it easier to calculate the approximate cost of the journey and to create a budget.

2. Find the best value accommodation

Making reservations ahead of time will save money on hotels on a road trip. Furthermore, hotels often list rooms for cheaper ahead of time. So book as much accommodation as you can. This will ensure that you have a room waiting for you and that you get the best price.

3. Bring Food from home

Food is an unavoidable expense on any vacation, but you can make money further by bringing it home. It will give you more freedom as you drive and explore. It also prevents you from having to eat awful, overpriced food from gas stations. It is recommended to take a cooler with you and stock it with food, non-perishable snacks, drinks, and essentials such as cutlery and plates.

4. Use a packing list so you won’t forget anything

An advantage of road trips is that you can basically take anything you want with you. However, it is essential to create an in-depth packing list to forget anything that might cost you later. ‘Must-haves’ such as toiletries, sunscreen, phone chargers, and underwear all cost much more when purchased during your trip. But still, you should not overpack simply because an overloaded car will firstly add extra unnecessary weight. Also, it will be a nightmare to find what you want immediately.

5. Find the best value parking

It’s an easy charge to forget on any road trip. Parking, however, can be costly, especially in major cities. So search in advance for the best value parking lots.

6. Stay over at campsites

Camping at night during your road trip, instead of getting a hotel room, is a great way to cut back on costs. There are numerous free campsites out there where you can stay over without having to pay. Some even have facilities you can use. Otherwise, paid campsites are still much cheaper than hotels and often have hot showers, nice toilets, and places to cook.

7. Drive economically to save on gas

Fuel efficiency decreases as speed increases. So, no matter how tempting it is to speed up and arrive as fast as you can to your destination, it is always best to drive smart at a steady speed. It is both economically and safer.

8. Check your car beforehand to avoid any costly repairs

Having your car break down while on a road trip is the worst nightmare. Especially if you are driving on a budget. To prevent any additional costs, make sure to check your car for any deficiencies before starting your road trip.

9. Prepare for the worst to avoid any payments

Even if it sounds ominous and depressing, it is always to be prepared for the worst while travelling. This can be applied to any situation and anyone. For instance, even if you did check up on your car, you can never know whether it will suddenly decide to break down, thus making sure to have savings for car repairs. But also, make sure to have emergency equipment.

10. Don’t fill up on the highway

Gas stations at the side of the highway tend to really inflate their prices. Therefore, it is wise to avoid such places to fill up on fuel.

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