12 Main Benefits that Traveling Brings to Everyone’s Life

As I am completing my travel plans for this summer, I can’t help myself to have a glass of rose to calm my nerves. Yes, you read well. And why is it so? To answer to that question, you need to know that I love very much to eat strange food and befriend with donkeys.

Finally, I like to think outside-the-box and experience things that are well away from my (and most people’s) comfort zone.

We all know how planning a holiday tends to be exhausting and annoying. Almost as much to make you forget how traveling is truly rewarding. To help myself remember that fact, I put a list of 12 main benefits that traveling brings to everyone’s life. So don’t complain while making plans because everything that is great in life requires some planning and effort.

1.  Happiness

A study conducted by San Francisco State University determined that investing in experiences is much more beneficial that in material commodities. Also, you don’t need to get to the other side of the world to feel happier. Some place in the neighborhood you haven’t visited before would suffice.

2.  Richness

Expenses determine every aspect of our lives, including traveling. Thus, we always seem to rationalize at the expense of traveling when contemplating what we must, wish or need to pay or buy. But, look at the matter this way – a couple of US$, EUR€ or GB£ may buy you meal in London or Paris. In Thailand, you will get a hotel room with Wi-Fi for the same amount of money.

3.  Popularity

While traveling, you will always meet more relaxed and likable people than back home. And small wonder since a study conducted by the Colorado University found that these people are more charismatic.

4.  Smartness

You will get the “Introduction to Macroeconomics” in the following semester? Get a personal and practical experience about the exchange rates while trying to figure out how much (or little) you pay for tikka masala.

5.  Coolness

A sparkle in your eye and seductive walking will accompany you during your travels. It doesn’t matter if these are the results of sleeping in a cheap hostel and being hit by a really fast tuk-tuk.

6.  Tolerance

While traveling, you will need to communicate with people whose language you don’t understand. Also, you may need to share a room you sleep in with many unknown people. That way, you will perceive how big your everyday problems really are.

7.  Employment

Tolerance, flexibility, openness and a fresh perspective are some key features your prospective employer will look to find in you. Even if you fail the test, you can count on one more key feature that traveling gives you. And that is…

8.  Resilience

In case you are in the country where nobody understands what you speak, you will have a lot of trouble while ordering lunch. Sometimes, you may catch them trying to overcharge you. Not to mention how much a visit to the visa office may annoy you. Either way, you will find after some time that nothing is powerful enough to break you.

9.  Creativity

Traveling puts you in various situations that stimulate and develop your creativity. That way, you will think faster and have a greater problem-solving potential.

10.      Confidence

The ultimate result of the previous point is bigger confidence in your capabilities. Just make sure not to overestimate or misplace it.

11.      Independence

While traveling, you depend on yourself for the biggest part. You do everything that needs to be done yourself. That way, you rely on yourself and become a stronger personality.

12.      Awesomeness

Now, put each of the aforementioned features in a same box and see what you get.

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