5 Best Local Dishes to Try in Halkidiki

For a complete Greek experience, you should get in touch with the local culture. So, why not try out the best local dishes from Halkidiki. Authentic, delicious Greek cuisine.

Travelling is often considered a way of learning. After all, while traveling you get to experience different cultures through sightseeing, museums, living amongst locals and trying new things. One of these is often food. Trying other cuisines can be a way of understanding and getting to know different cultures and lifestyles.

Greek cuisine is known as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. The essential ingredients are olive oil, wheat, herbs such as oregano, thyme, and rosemary, tomatoes, cheese, wine, and a large selection of meat or fish.

Depending on the region, there might be differences in local dishes, and even among families, specific recipes might differ. When in Halkidiki, to get to know the area better and feel closer to the locals, you should try out local dishes. Surely, you will fall in love with Halkidiki even more.

Here, at Hotel Kriopigi, you will be able to taste the fantastic delicacies of Halkidiki and Greece since we always serve fresh food and we only use local ingredients. The main ingredients that are locally produced are olives, olive oil, and honey. So, be prepared to go on a journey of taste exploration and delight your taste buds.

To give you an idea of what is waiting for you, here are the 5 best local dishes in Halkidiki:

Photo Source: https://akispetretzikis.com/categories/ryzi-amp-patates/ntolmadakia-gialantzi/

1. Dolmades

Many people might have heard and even tasted dolmades or dolmadakia before. There are many recipes for this delicious dish. Here in Halkidiki, dolmades are stuffed vine leaves with rice and herbs and dipped into tomato sauce.


Photo Source: https://www.mygreekdish.com/recipe/mousakas/ 

2. Moussaka

Moussaka is a traditional casserole-baked style dish. It is famous around the world as an authentic Greek dish that everyone loves. It has layers of potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes with minced meat, and béchamel.


Photo Source: https://akispetretzikis.com/categories/kreas/arnaki-frikase-sth-chytra-tachythtas/

3. Lamb fricassee

Lamb fricassée is a Greek-style lamb braised with lots of greens and finished with the traditional egg-lemon sauce. This dish will surprise you with the delicate, fresh flavors in this traditional Greek lamb dish.


Photo Source: http://www.mpoukiampoukia.com/en/bougiourdi/

4. Bougiurdi

Bougiurdi is a very regional cheese dish. Halkidiki is prepared in the oven with feta, red pepper, hot pepper, & tomato.


Photo Source: https://www.kalofagas.ca/

5. Mussels saganaki

Seafood is amongst the favorite dishes for locals. Since Halkidiki is surrounded by water, seafood is always fresh. Mussels are served with or without shells and are prepared in a pan with olive oil, hot peppers, feta, parsley, and mustard.

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