5 Best Places for Family Vacations in Europe

Europe is a top favourite destination for travelers because of the many fantastic cities and countries and the continent’s safety and easy access.

That’s why families often prefer a trip to one of the many extraordinary cities in Europe.

Here are 5 of the best places to visit for family vacations.

1. Halkidiki (Greece)

Halkidiki is a region in the north of Greece. It is famous for the magnificent crystal clear waters of the sea and the beautiful green forest. The westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki is Kassandra and is the most developed, with amazing beaches, hilly forests, and social amenities and services for everyone.

Moreover, at Kassandra, families can have the chance to experience the quiet and relaxing lifestyle of Greece’s countryside. For the best experience, Kriopigi Hotel offers visitors the opportunity to explore the graphic village of Kriopigi.

It is best suited for families because of its calming sea waves that are yearly explored both by adults and children. Also, because of the countless activities, adults and children can do. For instance, hiking at several nature paths, swimming and relaxing at the water park, or exploring ancient and medieval ruins.

Best place for relaxing, learning, and having fun.


2. Paphos (Cyprus)

Paphos is on the west coast of Cyprus, and it is the most historical city on the island. Tourists can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea’s incredible views and explore one of the most ancient cities in Europe, where the Greek goddess Aphrodite was born.

Although Pafos certainly has a great nightlife scene, it is better known as a family and kid-friendly city.

Families can explore Paphos’ archeological park and marvel at the tombs of the kings or the beautiful mosaics. Otherwise, families could go for a day trip to the National Park of Akamas and swim at the brilliant azure waters of the Blue Lagoon.

It is the best area on the island to experience Europe’s early history and the Mediterranean countries’ beauty.


3. Algarve (Portugal)

Algarve is in the southernmost part of Portugal. Thus it is best known for its mild and sunny climate all year round.

The region overlooks the Atlantic ocean, and it has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Therefore, there’s nothing better than exploring golden beaches with brilliant blue waters with your family in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe.

The coast of Algarve also has countless beautiful secluded spots with phenomenal sea caves that any child or adult would love to embark on a journey to discover.

Furthermore, at Algarve, anyone has the best chance to encounter dolphins. Thus, it would be a fantastic experience for families to go for a jeep safari tour along the Algarve’s coast.


4. Costa Brava (Spain)

Costa Brava is a region in Catalonia, Spain. Like many other areas of the Mediterranean Sea, it has incredible sea views. It has several beaches best suited for families to relax, swim and sunbathe. Moreover, at Costa Brava, families luckily can find excellent accommodation at affordable prices.

At Costa Brava, both adults and children can experience the magic of the Mediterranean countries’ beautiful world. Calming waves, picturesque towns, villages, and long history to admire Spain and Europe’s greatness.

Perfect for families to discover the beauty of the continent and region.


5. Malta

Malta is a tiny island and country floating in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It might be only a small island, but it is full of wonders. The island offers terrific cruises around the country’s beautiful coasts. Gozo’s sea caves are stunning and loved by everyone.

Malta also has excellent ventures in the old town of Valletta and Mellieha. However, the most exciting area to visit that is especially loved by children is the village of Popeye. The village was built for the musical in the 70s. Today, it still stands in the area of Mellieha as a top attraction.

Malta is definitely one of the best destinations for family vacations.

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