5 things to care about at the beach

From getting a heat stroke to getting hit by a windsurf board, there are a few dangers at the sea that can be avoided if you know about them.

5 things to care about at the beach

Knowing the possible risks when you go swimming is the best way to decrease the possibility of accidents and increase the fun. When it comes to the beautiful Greek waters in Halkidiki, forget about sharks and sudden attacks from other gigantic sea creatures. The sea waters – where you go swimming – are not too deep and no shark attacks. Check out the 5 main dangers at sea.


You don’t feel the heat of the sun when you go swimming due to the cold water. But it burns as intensely as when you lie on the sunbed at the beach due to the salt sea water’s capacity to reflect the sun. Apply sunscreen and dive your head several times to avoid heat exhaustion.

Sea debris

You get the meaning of sea pollution when you step on a nail or piece of glass that shouldn’t be under water. So, watch where you step.

Eating and swimming

Getting a nice breakfast at Hotel Kriopigi before you head to the beach is what summer vacations are all about. Don’t overeat, though! Neither drinking alcohol nor eating much is wise if you are going to be exposed to the summer heat and especially if you are going swimming.

Windsurf enthusiasts

Watch out of all these enthusiasts who go windsurfing, sailing, and boating where other people swim. Accidents are likely to happen, especially if you like diving and snorkeling.

Rip currents

Beware of possible rip currents if you like to go swimming out in the open sea or are the windsurf-enthusiast yourself. You might find yourself far away from the shore if you push your luck.


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