6 Famous Beaches in Kassandra, Halkidiki

You can’t go on vacations in Greece and not go to the beach! Find out 6 famous beaches in Kassandra, Halkidiki, for an unforgettable summer holiday.

Undoubtedly, if you plan to go to Greece for your summer holidays, one of your must-visits is the beach. Greece has some of the best beaches in the world, both in beauty and water quality.

Halkidiki is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, and it is filled with stunning beaches for children and adults. Kassandra peninsula is the most cosmopolitan out of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki and has many beautiful beaches.

Let’s see the top six beaches you should visit.


Glarokavos beach Halkidiki

1. Glarokavos Beach

Unlike other beaches, it is not organized, but it is one of the most attractive and popular near Pefkohori village. It has gentle white sand, some fine gravel, and shallow waters. Thus it is excellent for swimming. In addition, there is a fantastic lagoon at the end of the shore, which is used as a core for small boats.


Kriopigi beach Halkidiki

2. Kriopigi Beach

Kriopigi is located at the Kriopigi village and is only five minutes away by car from Hotel Kriopigi or twenty minutes on foot. It is an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. It is relatively quiet, so families and couples mainly love it. The gorgeous blue color of the sea and the white sand are just a few of the attractive attributes of the beach.


Kallithea beach Halkidiki

3. Kallithea Beach

It is best for groups of friends and young couples that enjoy busier and crowded beaches. The beach has many bars that often play loud music and create a festive and summery mood. The golden sand and crystal clear azure waters are stunning and loved by travelers. Furthermore, as an organized beach, visitors can try any water sports with their friends or significant other.


Hanioti (Chaniotis) beach Halkidiki

4. Hanioti Beach

The sand in Hanioti (Chaniotis) is soft and golden, and the water crystal-clear and calm. Furthermore, the view over the Sithonia peninsula is stunning. Here you can see some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets while enjoying a glass of a delicious cocktail.


Hrousso beach (Chrousso) Paliouri Halkidiki

5. Hroussos (Chrousso) Beach

Hroussos (Chrousso) beach is an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. You can easily enjoy the summer vibes by swimming in crystal clear waters, tasting delicious culinary creations and refreshing cocktails, from the famous beach bars.


Afitos beach Kassandra Halkidiki

6. Afitos Beach

The crystal-clear waters of the beach make it one of the best places for snorkeling and swimming. Families with children mainly love it. Nevertheless, it has excellent services such as sunbeds, umbrellas, food and drinks, and even water sports as an organized beach.


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