Appreciate Beauty and Diversity of Secret Halkidiki

Halkidiki in Greece is famous as a region where travelers rush during summertime to enjoy their holidays by marvelous seaside. With that in mind, it seems like you should follow their example absent second thought.

However, you should do things somewhat differently while here because, besides beautiful sea and nightlife, Halkidiki boasts surprising natural and other jewels.

Find the Varvara waterfalls

Some 115 km (71 miles) away from Hotel Kriopigi, to the northwest of Central Halkidiki, you can find amazing Varvara waterfalls.

The waterfalls are located on the scenic route between Varvara and Olympiada. You can reach this secluded spot within two hours from Hotel Kriopigi by a ride through the beautiful nature of Central Halkidiki.

Tranquility and intact nature of the place will allow you to discover paradise by visiting the falls. Only the sounds of the forest and the hum of the water will be with you. Furthermore, the falls offer irresistible opportunity for a refreshing bath during hot summer months.

Visit Olynthos, the former capital of Halkidiki

If a drive over 200 km there and back doesn’t appeal to you, you still have plentiful options. One such is the Olynthos archaeological site and museum, bringing forth the destiny of an ancient Greek settlement. Olynthos is located 40 km (24.5 miles) away from Hotel Kriopigi and can be reached in 45 minutes by car.

First of all, the Olynthos archaeological site reveals exquisite floor mosaics, which prove to be among the oldest in Greece.

In addition to the reconstructed walls, you should pay attention to the Olynthos’s turbulent history, which resulted with its final downfall. Finally, attend an audio-visual display and carefully observe retrieved artifacts in the Olynthos Museum.

Discover the uniqueness of the Polichrono Lake

Still, there’s no need to get too much distanced from the sea during your holiday if you would like to lay eyes on something unique. The Mavrobara Lake is situated a couple kilometers away from Hotel Kriopigi between Polichrono and Kriopigi.

The lake is a stone throw from the seaside town of Polichrono , and is a declared natural monument. The Polichrono Lake came into existence once the land reclaimed this area from the sea.

It features rich vegetation and is inhabited by various bird, amphibian and water snake species. Most of all, the lake is renowned as a habitat of the Testudinata Turtles.

Feel free to offer them bread or some other snack.

That’s not everything

As a culturally rich destination that’s gifted with splendid sea and nature, Halkidiki is full of surprising sites and incredible natural marvels. Therefore, you would do well for allocating some time for the exploring activities away from the seaside.

Besides the aforementioned sites, a visit to the Petralona Cave, Aristotle’s Park and traditional settlements will reveal to you true Halkidiki’s potential.

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