Appreciate the Diversity of the Mediterranean Cuisine

The Mediterranean region was always inhabited by various nationalities. Thus, many different cultures influenced what we call today the Mediterranean cuisine.

Greek, Italian and Turkish cuisines are some reputable cuisines of this region. Such a renowned cuisine features various elements, and these are some of them:

Fish and seafood

Thanks to the nearness of the Mediterranean Sea, the regional cuisine is rich with fresh fish and seafood. By coming to Halkidiki, Greece, you will notice that fish and seafood are on offer at each restaurant. Grilled octopus, fried fish and stuffed squids are some specialties you would like to taste, for sure. Most people associate these meals with a pleasant vacation, and so should you.

Vegetables and spices

The mild climate of the Mediterranean Sea benefits the cultivation of diverse vegetables. You can also find a wide range of herbs disseminated throughout the region.

Vegetables form a core of the Mediterranean diet. They come in various forms – baked, fried, cooked, braised… Of course, some of them aren’t served fresh, but those that are feature exquisite flavors. Onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and artichokes are among the most important Mediterranean vegetables.

As for the vegetables that need processing, a wide array of herbs is there to improve their taste. Some don’t need more than salt, while you can spice others with marjoram, rosemary, oregano… After all, combine those with garlic, basil, mint or any other popular herb.

Meat and dairy products

Mostly hilly terrain prevents breeding cows and other larger domesticated animals. Thus, you will usually find goat, sheep, pork and chicken meat being a part of the diet.

While roaming Halkidiki countryside, you will come across herds of goats and sheep. Those animals’ milk is an essential ingredient in the production of yogurt, cheese and other dairy products.

Mediterranean olives

Olives, however, are the most widely spread ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine. You will find olives coming in various forms, either fresh, dried or as an acclaimed olive oil.

Everything elaborated in this article is but a theory. To find out what it looks like in practice, come to the Hotel Kriopigi, in the Kassandra Peninsula. The results of the best practice will find a way to your table here.

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