Sightseeing and Landscape to visit in Halkidiki


Most popular attraction in Halkidiki Greece

Thermal Medical Center of Agia Paraskevi

In Agia Paraskevi village, few km from our hotel there is a ultramodern Themral Medical Center, that is famous for his infrequent therapeutic attributes and is apply to all ages. With swimming-pools, saunas, hamam, hydromasaz, individually and bodily it offers treatment and invigoration for the modern person which works, it is permanently moved in fast time. In a beautiful environment with medical support and framed with hotels, rooms, bar and specials taverns.

Sanctuary of Zeus Ammon and Dionysus

The Sanctuary of Zeus Ammon is one of the most important temples in Halkidiki. The Sanctuary of Dionysus was founded in the second half of the 8th century B.C. by Euboean who settled in Afitis and was worshiped with the Nymphs in the cave beneath the rock on the southwest side of the site. The sanctuary of the Egyptian god Zeus Ammon was built at a small plateau on the northern side of the site. Distance from Hotel Kriopigi : 6 km

Mavrobara Lake

Situated in the forest between Kriopigi and Polichrono, Mavrobara is a place or rare beauty and with major ecological importance. Situated 300 m height and 3 km from the main road. Monument of nature since 1998, by the Prefecture of Central Macedonia. Distance from Hotel Kriopigi : 7.5 km

Mount Athos

Mount Athos has been, since the end of the 10th century, the most important center of Orthodox monasticism and one of the top world heritage sites. It occupies the third peninsula of Halkidiki, protruding 45 km into the Aegean sea at a width of 5-10 km, and it derives its name from the homonymous peak (Mount Athos 2,033 meters ) of the mountain which dominates this rocky strip of land. Ask at the Reception for Tours

Aristotle’s Park

In the picturesque village of Stagira, on the Northeast of Halkidiki in a part overlooking the gulf of Ierissos, there is Aristotle’s Park. The Park, where a statue of the great philosopher stands for many decades has recently been equipped with interactive organs. These are applications of physical phenomena discussed in the work of the great teacher “Physics”. In its four years in operation the Park is a very popular destination for individual visitors and schools since it combines recreation with education.

Petralona Cave

The cave of Petralona “embellished” with stalagmites and stalactites is located in the west foot of the Katsika (Goat) mountain and in an altitude of about 300 meters from the level of sea. It was found in 1959 by the inhabitant of Petralona, Mr. Philippos Hatzaridis and it became well known all over the world in 1960, when the skull of Arhanthropos was found by another inhabitant of Petralona, Mr. Christos Sarrigiannidis. Distance from Hotel Kriopigi : 51 km

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