Autumn in Halkidiki

Autumn is a beautiful season everywhere. Warm colors paint the countryside and remind us of the New Year’s approach. In Halkidiki, which prides on lush vegetation, autumn can’t be more gorgeous.

Hence, if you have missed coming here in the summer for your holiday, don’t worry. Autumn can be nothing less rewarding on Kassandra, Sithonia and other parts of the region.

Benefits of autumn in Halkidiki

Coming here in autumn reveals a new face of Halkidiki. And it is even more magical than in summer. You should go through deciduous forests and groves through northern Halkidiki. Furthermore, come to the seaside and bring a camera with you. The contrast yellow and red forests make against the blue sea will delight you.

Swimming in the sea is possible, even in October. In October, the weather is still nice and the sea is warm. Rainfall isn’t particularly high, so you ought to have good conditions for outdoor activities. Also, if you don’t like crowds, autumn is the right season for your holiday.

More so, with the absence of crowds, prices tend to drop very much. Therefore, you can treat yourself with a premium accommodation for a standard price, or very close to it. Just note that certain businesses, like stores and restaurants, close earlier during the season.

Autumn events in Halkidiki

The Crossing of Dragoudeli is the most popular autumn event in Halkidiki. Taking place on the neighboring Sithonia peninsula, it is a celebration of the region’s gorgeous nature. So, if you like to hike or ride a bike or a horse, you should attend the event.

The Dragoudeli Crossing features several hiking routes, one biking and one for horse riders. All the participants gather at the end in Parthenonas, on Mount Itamos. There, they receive refreshments and enjoy traditional performances.


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