Avoid Sunburns and Have a Marvelous Holiday

The summer holiday is one of the rare periods throughout the year when we manage to relax. And that’s why we should keep all inconveniences at bay, including sunburns.

Although aware of them, many people still get troublesome sunburns, which prevent them to enjoy the holiday.

By taking the advice the Hotel Kriopigi in Halkidiki has for you, you won’t be among them.

Prepare your skin in advance

Don’t wait to come to the seaside to start getting darker. Expose yourself to the sun back home a few times before you start your holiday. It is a good chance that the sun won’t burn there like at sea and your skin will get basic dark color.

How you should apply your sunscreen?

Now, you have a basic protection, but that still isn’t enough. The next you need to keep in mind is the duration of your sunscreen. The larger the sun protection factor (SPF) is, the longer it will last. Pay special attention to what the user manual specifies and apply the sunscreen at regular intervals.

Note that getting into the sea right after you applied the sunscreen is a mistake. The skin needs a certain amount of time to absorb the sunscreen. Thus, getting into the water too early will leave you completely unprotected.

Other things you should know

Once you get a darker color after several days, you can start applying a sunscreen with the lower SPF. That way, you will increase the darkening rate of your skin. The darker your skin, the better natural protection you have.

A good parasol is the next line of defense from getting sunburns. To that end, choose parasol with care whether you rent or buy one. Only those with thick fabrics are good enough for you, especially at the beginning of your holiday. If you can see your silhouette once you step under the parasol, better choose another one. A parasol with thin fabrics won’t stop the sun rays getting to you while giving you the false sense of safety.

By following these simple steps, you are sure to avoid sunburns and have a marvelous holiday.

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