Best Photo Spots in Halkidiki

If you love taking beautiful photos to remember the best places and moments of your trip check out here the best photos spots in Halkidiki.

Traveling is all about creating memories, and memories are best captured with photography. Needless to say, Greece is one of the most beautiful destinations anyone can go to. Pristine blue waters, breathtaking natural views, beautiful ancient ruins, hidden little traditional villages, and stunning cityscapes are just a few things that make travelers keep coming back again and again.

People always loved capturing momentous times during important life events such as traveling. Nowadays, thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to photograph and even let our friends and family at the very moment know where we are and what we are doing through social media. But of course, it is always essential to find the best spot for the best photo.

So, if you love taking pictures and showing the world how incredible the world is, keep reading to find out the best photo spots in Halkidiki.

Krouna Tower, Ierissos

Located only one kilometer away from the town of Ierissos, the Krouna tower was a fortification defending the territory of “Koroni.” The imposing tall tower makes the perfect picture alongside the cerulean blue sky and the sparkling sea.

Kavourotripes Beach

Halkidiki’s postcard-perfect beaches will be your favorite photo spots if you are fascinated with the stunning Greek beaches. Any traveler who wishes to swim in pristine waters, build elaborate sandcastles, sunbathe in scorching temperatures or go snorkeling, Kavourotrypes beach will be your long-awaited treasure that needs to be part of your photo collection.

Petralona Cave

One of Halkidiki’s places that is well worth visiting is none other than Petralona Cave. Not only is it extraordinarily beautiful it is also a place of pilgrimage for history buffs. Here a 700.000 years old human skull, one of the most ancestral European archaeological treasures, has been found. So, if you want a unique photo in your holiday album, then this is your destination.


If you are looking for a rather traditional and peaceful spot for a photo shoot, there is no better location than Afytos village. It is a traditional village with great vibes and beautifully paved alleys. In the broader region, you can also find the ruins of the Ancient Afytos as well as a folklore museum. Also, there are many remarkable churches around the village and the fantastic springs of Moudounou and Vrysitsa. In other words, at Afytos, you have the complete package of a traditional Greek town for plenty of beautiful photos.

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