The Best Viewpoints of Halkidiki

When summer comes, most travelers come to Halkidiki because of its attractive seaside. Yet, this popular region prides itself on many other things, including viewpoints. Being a mountainous region, this slice of paradise has many vantage points worth finding.

Mount Athos is, sadly, off limits to a certain gender and under-aged people.

Thus, the rest of Halkidiki offer best opportunities for enjoying magnificent panoramas of Halkidiki. And the following few are the best viewpoints of Halkidiki, Greece:

Loutra, South Kassandra Peninsula

Few meters away from the Thermal Springs next to the road you can enjoy the most amazing view to Aegean Sea in Kassandra. The approximate distance from Hotel Kriopigi to the top of Mount Itamos is 20 km.

The summit of Mount Itamos, Sithonia

The summit of Mount Itamos offers unparalleled views of the entire region. From up there, you will be able to see Kassandra, Athos, the rest of Sithonia and the infinite blue sea. Don’t hesitate to climb the on-site watchtower. The approximate distance from Hotel Kriopigi to the top of Mount Itamos is 95 km.

Parthenonas Village, Mount Itamos, Sithonia

On your way to the top of Mount Itamos, you will pass through the Parthenonas village. Assuming the slopes of the mountain, it offers splendid views of the Toroneos Gulf. Sunsets are especially charming when experienced from there. The approximate distance from Hotel Kriopigi to Parthenonas is 90 km.

Mamba Beach, Sithonia

The main road of Sithonia circles around the peninsula. And in the south of the peninsula, you can pull over to admire 2 promontories jutting into the Aegean Sea. Attractive Mamba Beach lies where these meet. Note that the beach is pristine, without any facilities. To reach this great viewpoint, you need to cover approx. 115 km.

Ancient Stagira, East Halkidiki

Ancient Stagira used to be an advanced fortified town. The site overlooks the sea and the remains of its fortifications mirror the shape of the cliff the ancient city stands on. Besides walls and the sea, you will admire the countryside abundant with greenery. Distance from Hotel Kriopigi – between 120 km/75 mi and 130 km, depending on the road.

Vladaton Monastery, Thessaloniki

Albeit not exactly in Halkidiki, Thessaloniki prides itself on many noteworthy viewpoints. And the Vladaton Monastery, located in Ano Poli, offers views that are sure to delight you. From there, the entire city and the Aegean Sea will lay before you. The Vladaton Monastery is around 95 km away from Hotel Kriopigi.

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