Colorful autumn in Halkidiki

Autumn is a special time in Greece. The weather is warm, and nature is beautiful. Halkidiki is perhaps the most beautiful area in all of Greece

Halkidiki is covered with fantastic forests, stunning mountain ranges and of course incredible beaches. For many travellers, Halkidiki is best known as a summer destination. And indeed it is absolutely amazing considering it has some of the best beaches in Greece. But Halkidiki is definitely also one of the best destinations for autumn.

The autumn colors in Halkidiki are absolutely fantastic. Just seeing the green forests turning into a golden carpet is astonishing. Furthermore, the central and northern parts of Halkidiki are dominantly mountainous. Specifically, they are overtaken by Mountain Holomontas, a mountain known for its incredible beauty and breathtaking views.

Colorful autumn in Halkidiki
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The stunning forests of the mountain are the perfect escape destination for adventurers who want to explore nature. It is ideal for walks along historic woodlands and colorful forests.

At Holomontas, you will be surrounded by large oaks, chestnut, pine, fir, and beech trees. You will feel as if you have become part of nature.

Often the trees naturally make way for a clearing where you can sit and enjoy the colorful nature and the cold breeze embracing you. Additionally, if you are a naturist and love to collect food ingredients from their natural habitat, be sure to check out any mushrooms, wild herbs, mountain tea, and oregano.

Furthermore, here you can also see many species of wild animals and birds.

Colorful autumn in Halkidiki

Overall, Halkidiki is an excellent destination for the autumn season. Ιs definitely recommended to have a day trip or a tour at Mountain Holomontas.

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