The Hotel Kriopigi prioritises the values of the health and safety of their staff, and guests, and wishes to provide a thoroughly enjoyable stay. The hotel complies with all rules and regulations implemented in order to provide a healthy and safe environment as dictated by  the World Health Organisation  protocol for COVID-19 and the Greek authorities.

Individual hygiene measures and Personal Protective Equipment

  • Provided PPE for the staff and sanitisation stations in the entrances and exits of  the hotel and public areas.
  • Staff training for the safe and correct use of PPE .
  • Staff training for emergency plan and protocols in case of a possible COVID-19 infection.
  • Overseeing of all third parties (deliveries, customers, maintenance etc) entering the hotel, and compliance with all required social distancing, and use of PPE if required.
  • Continual   staff training on how to maintain personal hygiene, and preventive measures in all areas.
  • Required staff training to immediately inform management to enable the action plan in case of suspected COVID-19 symptoms and/or possible infection, so as to quarantine and follow appropriate procedures and protocols.
  • Whenever possible, it is advised to avoid use of the lift by staff and guests.
  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water.
  • Hand contact, and all close contact should be avoided between guests and staff and third parties. A safe distance of at least 1.5 metres is required in all work and non work areas.


  • Staff will comply with all required  health measures, protocols and regulations. A  maintained1.5 metre social distancing with strictly no personal contact with the customers, and frequent hand washing, and disinfection.
  • Staff will be available to offer guests detailed COVID-19 information health protocols and assistance  concerning   public, and private hospitals, and local pharmacies.
  • Staff will be provided with appropriate PPE, Medical kits, including single use masks, hand sanitiser, and sanitised hand wipes, long sleeved robes, aprons and laser thermometers.
  • Hand sanitizer is available  in reception.
  • The receptions high touch surfaces are frequently disinfected and sanitised.
  • Dedicated check in area, with clearly indicated distance signage of 2 metres between each customer, and continued monitored social distancing  throughout the reception area, whilst maintaining  prompt service.
  • Prompt check in and check out to enable reduced capacity in the reception area.
  • Key cards will be disinfected and sanitized.
  • Check out is at 11am and check in from 3pm. Rooms will be thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitized with a disinfection machine (fogger).


  • House keeping staff will wear the appropriate PPE
  • All rooms, public spaces and surfaces will be disinfected frequently.
  • Thorough deep cleaning, disinfection and airing of  rooms between change of guests.
  • Daily linen changes will not be on a daily basis, bed-linen will be changed upon request
  • Thorough room cleaning and disinfection  upon customer departure
  • Removal of decorative pillows  and bed throws etc
  • Removal of multiple use items I.e magazines, hotel directories, menus etc
  • Doors and windows will be remain open, as and when required to air rooms and public areas.
  • Hospital grade aerial surface disinfection machine (fogger) and disinfectant will be used throughout the hotel


  • HACCP regulations will be complied by kitchen staff
  • Hotel Deliveries will be received by a designated member of staff wearing PPE
  • According to COVID-19 health protocol, kitchen staff will maintain the required distancing
  • Only kitchen staff will be permitted in the kitchen, if for any reason a person is required to enter the area they will be required to  wear a mask, gloves etc


  • Staff will take the appropriate health measures and use required protective equipment
  • Restaurant hours will be extended for guests
  • A sanitiser station will be provided at the restaurant for required guest use and monitored by staff.
  • Strict Social distancing at the buffet will be required by guests
  • Protective sneeze guards will be placed at the buffet
  • All food will be served to guests by staff wearing appropriate PPE. Measures have been taken to avoid all guest contact with the utensils and buffet.
  • The largest amount of family members to be seated together is 6, apart from families with young children.
  • Appropriate distancing between each table

Public spaces

  • Public spaces will be aired
  • Sanitisation stations will be provided throughout the hotel
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitisation of high contact surfaces and areas.
  • Signage for customers to remind, and maintain social distancing
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces.


Swimming pools

  • Frequent PH and chlorine measurement, and maintained required regulations
  • Required safe 2 metre distancing between each umbrella and sunbeds
  • Sunbeds will be disinfected between each and every use.
  • Guests are obliged to follow instructions for showering before using the pool. Frequent cleaning and disinfection of the shower and public toilets.


Children  indoor playground

Will not operate at present


Only by Appointment