The Cuisine at Hotel Kriopigi makes your vacation healthy

Halkidiki is known for its honey, olives & oil. When you stay at Hotel Kriopigi, you get to try excellent local products – some cultivated at our place.

Your vacation is more healthy

All dishes served at the restaurant of Hotel Kriopigi have a small story to tell. Olives, olive oil, honey, and a plethora of more products are not just cultivated in Kassandra, Halkidiki, but some are hotel’s.

How often do you get fresh fruit and vegetables straight to the table? It can’t get fresher than that.

From olives to honey, Halkidiki is the paradise of food lovers

Halkidiki boasts of its fertile landscape and great climate – hence, excellent local products. Due to its rich flora, Halkidiki is considered the cradle of beekeeping. Beekeepers have been producing honey of the highest nutritional value for thousands of years.

While the rich flora brings to your table the best honey in the world, all kinds of herbs, and both olive oil and olive, the rich fauna enables the production of the finest traditional cheese.

At Hotel Kriopigi, your day starts and ends with quality local products

There is a wide variety of local products in Halkidiki. And we, here at Hotel Kriopigi, take advantage of the excellent soil conditions to cultivate products and thus make our guests feel like home. From wheat, bread is made. Honey is served with your breakfast.

Our chef uses traditional recipes, which travel from one generation to the next, and fresh products to make your vacation sweeter. From seafood and meat to honey, fresh fruit, and cheese, Halkidiki is the paradise of quality food and our hotel’s restaurant the haven to all those who appreciate the value of local products.

Who doesn’t want to start their day with fresh bread and homemade marmalade free of any fertilizers?


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