Day Tour in Kassandra peninsula Halkidiki

Explore the beauty of Kassandra by organizing a day tour. It’s easy to discover the charm of this peninsula of Halkidiki by car. Let’s get started.

Day Tour in Kassandra peninsula Halkidiki

A mini tour in Kassandra will only last a day and will stay with you forever! Famous for the beautiful beaches and also the mountainous villages, this peninsula of Halkidiki is definitely worth exploring.

And although the green & blue colors, the unique local products, and the unparalleled cuisine are enough reasons for dedicating a day discovering the peninsula of Kassandra, this is also a way to learn a bit about its history and set foot in some of the most extraordinary parts of Greece.

Exploring Kassandra by car is easy

If you start your trip from Hotel Kriopigi and follow the main route, you will pass by all villages and before you know it, you will head back to where you started. That’s because the main road makes a circle and thus allows you to drive with ease and stop where you like.

When you leave Kriopigi behind you, the first village you meet is Polichrono followed by Hanioti. Both of them have great beaches, ideal for families.

If you prefer a more secluded beach, keep driving until you see the sign for Glarokavos after the village of Pefkohori and before the village of Paliouri.

A day tour in Kassandra is never enough & always rewarding

Once you get back in the car again, you will soon pass by the village of Agia Paraskevi and the famous SPA of the nearby Loutra. This is the point where you make the turn and actually now drive to the other side of the peninsula.

Stop in Possidi to swim at the Miti beach. It’s just amazing!

If you follow the main route, it will take you through all the villages and back to Kallithea – a bit farther from Kriopigi.

There you can visit the Sanctuary of Zeus Ammon and have a cup of coffee. An alternative route is to cut through the mountain from Fourka and stop to eat at the village of Kassandrino. It’s one of the best mountainous villages in Halkidiki.

On your way back, gather all the energy you have left and visit Afitos. The views will reward you.



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