Experience Halkidiki Like a Local

Learn how it feels to live like a local in Halkidiki when the summer days are gone and the beaches are empty. Does life stop until the next high season or not?

Experience Halkidiki Like a Local

When visitors pack their summer memories and get ready to say farewell to the beautiful beaches of Halkidiki and to the lovely room at Hotel Kriopigi that hosted their dreams, they often wonder what it would be like to return as winter travelers and experience this great part of Greece like locals do! And this question doesn’t have one straightforward answer.

Life in Halkidiki doesn’t shut down in winter

Although Halkidiki is lovely in the winter too, it’s mainly a destination for summer vacations. When the hot days are long gone, most summer resorts, restaurants, and shops close their doors. The locals have the chance to rest and enjoy their families. After all, most of them are in the tourism business and get really busy in the peak season.

The truth is that not all villages in Halkidiki have the same permanent population. Some are limited to only a dozen families, while others count a few hundred. All the same, the winter days in Halkidiki are rather quiet. Life slows down, but doesn’t shut down.

Some parts of Halkidiki get really busy in the winter

From olives and olive oil to cheese, honey, and meat, Halkidiki is known for its excellent local products. This means one thing. Some communities get really busy from late fall to early spring with the olive and grape harvesting, the wineries, and the food processing and packaging.

And then comes the day for Christmas preparations and later the day for Easter celebrations while the locals honor the traditional customs throughout the year.

Living like a local in Halkidiki is a new experience

Spending some winter days in Halkidiki is a great experience. It can get quiet and thus ideal for those who have retired and seek a peaceful destination with a marvelous scenery that combines beautiful mountain landscapes and the luring wilderness of the winter sea – an ideal combination for writers.

Winter tourism in Halkidiki is recommended to all of you craving for the Greek cuisine and home-made dishes, loving the idea of participating in the local traditional customs, and getting close to people.

Because that’s what Halkidiki is all about during the winter.

Honoring traditions and ethics in all aspects: family, human relationships, hospitality, food made with natural ingredients. And there’s hardly enough time for all that.

Before you know it, spring is back and the locals get ready for the high-season once again.


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