Family Holidays How to Survive Them And Have Some Fun

Make your family holidays in Halkidiki, Greece, memorable. Learn what to do when you travel with small children by reading these helpful survival tips.

Family Holidays: How to Survive Them (And Have Some Fun)

Traveling with small kids is usually daunting, overwhelming & exhausting. But family holidays are supposed to be fun in spite of the unavoidable nagging and the regular toilet stops. But the moms and dads of small children would appreciate a summer vacation in Halkidiki, Greece. It’s fun, hospitable and safe. Here are a few tips on how to get organized and survive this feat. After all, this is your chance to let some steam off too.

Choose a Family Resort

Book a family-friendly resort ahead and don’t change accommodations unless you want to visit another destination. It’s much easier to make a room reservation at Hotel Kriopigi – if you plan to visit the Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki and then rent a car to make short trips in the nearby areas.

Avoid Overpacking

That’s huge! Family holidays become easier when you pack the necessary things only. Get the toddler’s blanket, wipes, a few clothes, medicine, diapers (if necessary), and one or two toys.

Prep Kids for the Beach

The days at the beach won’t end well without the right gear. Anything from sunscreen and hats to sunglasses is a must.

Don’t Get too Relaxed

Always know where the children are. Don’t let them unattended in the sea or wandering along the beach (or anywhere else) alone.

Choose a sandy beach

Avoid remote beaches, where the ocean floor is often composed of rough rocks. The kids might get injured or step on sea urchins.

Let them choose their armbands

It’s imperative that children wear armbands or go swimming with a rubber ring. Make their sea vests fun for them by letting them choose the design from a local store.

In short, plan well, supervise and don’t panic. Family holidays come with surprises but if you accept that some things will go wrong, you will be more attentive and still have some fun yourself.


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