Family vacations ideas for Halkidiki

If you are planning a family vacation at Halkidiki, check out our top recommendations for family adventures at the top destinations.

Halkidiki is a popular family holiday destination. It is a quieter area since it mostly consists of small towns and villages. That’s why it has unspoiled landscapes with stunning coastline and beaches that are often hailed as some of the best in the Mediterranean.

Natural attractions

Some of the natural attractions popular with older children include the Petralona cave near Nea Kallikrateia, where visitors can explore the labyrinths where a 700,000-year-old human skull was discovered. The guides will tell visitors about the many fossils found in the caves, including wild boar, snakes, and bison.

Another popular destination for families is the ancient city of Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotle.

Go for a hike along Aristotle’s Walk or visit Aristotle’s park. The park offers various educational interactive activities that both young and older children love.

Boat trips

Boat trips are popular for families too. Go for a cruise to Mount Athos and see the spectacular monasteries from the sea. It is the perfect destination for an educational trip with children. At Mount Athos, families can learn of the devotion of Greeks towards their religion. But also you can marvel at the beauty of nature and human creation since all the monasteries’ architecture is stunning.

For younger children who might be less interested in history, trips to local ports are a great way to explore the coast. Kids will love spotting the wild dolphins that often swim alongside the boats. Young children will also enjoy Fairytopia, a fun park with giant trampolines, inflatable bouncy castles, and other rides.


For beach lovers, Halkidiki offers plenty of choices. In the west, the Blue Flag beaches of Nea Herakleia and Nea Kallikratia are packed with traditional tavernas. They are perfect for families looking for white sand and shallow, warm waters for small children. In Sithonia, the middle finger of the ‘claw’ of Halkidiki, Toroni beach is a must-visit for families. Apart from incredible crystal-clear waters and white sand, at Toroni beach, you can visit the Byzantine ruins of Likithos castle at the southern end of the beach. Be sure to bring a snorkel to explore the marine life that has made their home in the sunken ruins at its base.

Families with older children who want to explore the local history and culture more can visit one of the museums or ancient buildings in the region. Nea Moudania is home to the museum of fishing vessels with ancient anchors, boats, and a vast array of marine life. It is ideal for an educational trip with children.

The folklore museum in Polichrono gives another glimpse of what life would have been like hundreds of years ago, with exhibitions of tools used in traditional beekeeping, breadmaking. Lastly, the Byzantine towers dotted around the coast are also an exciting sight, demonstrating how the shores of Halkidiki were protected before contemporary technology.

Overall, no matter what you are seeking for your holidays, Halkidiki is a haven for families. There are plenty of choices such as relaxing vacations at the beach, building castles, educational trips at monasteries or ancient Greek cities or exploring the Greek traditions and culture in little picturesque villages.

Here, at Hotel Kriopigi, we will surely help you choose the best destinations for your holidays.


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