Free Things to Do in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a beautiful region with lots to do and explore, from history to culture to mesmerizing nature. Thankfully, there are also many free things to do. Let’s see all of them that you can experience with your friends and family.

Halkidiki is a unique destination in Greece, with three peninsulas in the northeastern, central Macedonia region. It is a diverse area with stunning nature, mountainous folk villages, pristine sandy beaches, beautiful archaeological sites, and cosmopolitan coastal towns.

In the region’s center, you’ll find Polygyros, Halkidiki’s capital, which is about an hour away by car from Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city. The peninsulas, also known as legs, are Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos and are all unique with their own distinctive characteristics.

Therefore, Halkidiki offers various experiences, from hiking and swimming to delicious gastronomy journeys and exciting nightlife venues. Furthermore, it has many activities you can enjoy with family and friends with spending little to no money, making the area perfect for people who travel on a budget.

If you are curious about how you can save money on your trip to Halkidiki, here is a list of activities you can enjoy for free.


Halkidiki’s best feature is undoubtedly its beautiful beaches. In fact, Halkidiki has the most blue flag-awarded beaches in Greece. So, if you are looking for free activities in the region, swimming in one of its stunning, unspoiled, sandy beaches is your best option. All the areas of Halkidiki have a fantastic coastline, but some of the best are Possidi and Paliouri beaches in Kassandra, Kavourotripes, Vourvourou, and Trani Ammouda in Sithonia, and Alykes in Ammouliani island.

See the Potidea Canal

The Potidea Canal was built in the 1st century AD to enable movement between Thermaikos and Toroneos gulfs. The canal is just over a kilometer long and about 40m wide. Furthermore, the canal’s purpose was to fortify Kassandria town. So, along the canal, there was a wall with towers built at intervals to secure the region. However, the modern canal was built in 1930, while bridges were built in 1970.

Explore the traditional village of Arnea

Generally, Halkidiki has many beautiful traditional villages, but undoubtedly, Arnea is one of the most beautiful, as well as essential historical villages in Halkidiki. It has fascinating Macedonian architecture and a charming ambiance. Furthermore, it is renowned for its guesthouses, traditional kafeneia, tavernas, and the church of St Stefanos. Specifically, St Stefanos is Halkidiki’s largest church and features archaeological findings. So, Arnea is a fantastic place to explore freely and experience Halkidiki’s history and architecture.

Enjoy outdoor activities

Halkidiki is heavenly for outdoor enthusiasts. The region features lush woodlands, beautiful mountains, and a stunning coastline. Hence, it allows you to explore marvelous nature and participate in various outdoor activities. The best way to explore Halkidiki’s beauty is by following the many hiking trails, woodland tracks, or coastal paths. Also, you can enjoy the area’s pristine waters by snorkeling and discovering beautiful sea life.

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