Get Warmed Up By Engaging Kassandra Events

Most people coming to the Kassandra peninsula during the summertime crave for seaside and nighttime activities, but no one should be satisfied only with that.

Especially since this time of the year features numerous festivals and events that don’t fail to delight local and foreign passers-by. Listed below are some not to be missed manifestations.


Kassandra Festival, Siviri

Theatre in Siviri is a focal point for various interesting cultural performances throughout July and August. Famous Greek and performers from all around the world participate in the festival, and Ray Charles and B.B. King were among them. Besides concerts, Kassandra Festival stages theatrical performances, nights of culture, engaging exhibitions, and more.


Sani Festival, Sani

The Sani resort is still another place where an excellent entertainment in an engaging ambiance is a matter of fact. Encompassing musical and dancing performances, and cultural and art events that feature a fair dose of humor, Sani Festival is among the best places to be in July and August. A natural amphitheatre with a medieval fortification as a backdrop is where the festival takes place.


Gavros Fest, Nea Skioni

If the seafood is your favorite, you shouldn’t allow yourself to miss Gavros Fest in Nea Skioni. This three-day manifestation takes place in the first week of August, and visitors are offered with local wine, fish and other specialties for free. The sounds of traditional music and cultural events are in charge for the mood.


St. Marina Traditional Fest, Fourka

If you are up to something more traditional, head to the Fourka village on July 17th. Not only would you have a chance to enjoy a traditional dance, but also to attend a religious fair. Live music and extraordinary barbecue are to be counted on.


Afitos Festival, Afitos

Combining various aspects of cultural, artistic and entertaining performances, Afitos Festival is a gathering point of traditional, classical and modern. On August 15th, when the Holy Mary feast takes place, is your best opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisine with sounds of Greek music and dancing performances. Even if you miss the feast, you can comfort yourself throughout July and August, when street art and various musical and dancing events can be attended in this likable village.


That’s hardly everything

A myriad of small scale manifestations are still accounted throughout Kassandra. The Thoroneos Bay Marathon, which starts in Nikiti and ends on the Sithonia peninsula, takes place in the last week of July. In Nea Fokea, around the medieval tower, you can experience various theatrical and musical performances, enriched by engaging exhibitions. The fact is, whenever you feel up to entertain yourself, Kassandra offers you endless options.



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