Great food and places to eat in Kassandra

Besides spending a holiday by the seaside, Kassandra is famous for many fine taverns and restaurants. There, you will taste famous Greek specialties you have only heard of before.

So, if you come to Halkidiki any time of the year, you will combine at least three of the benefits this region offers. And these are genuine hospitality, marvelous nature and great cuisine.

Food you shouldn’t miss in Kassandra

Great Greek specialties comprise various ingredients, including olives, cheese, seafood and more.

One of the most delicious meals you can enjoy on Kassandra is Greek Moussaka. It consists of potato, ground beef or lamb meat, tomato sauce and some other ingredients. It is one of the most delicious and popular dishes in Greece, so don’t miss it while you are in Halkidiki.

If you prefer something lighter, though, Grilled Octopus is just the thing. It is juicy, soft and low fat, so it is ideal for a dinner. But, if you eat it for lunch, it will satiate you well. Its taste may remind you of the chicken, but the octopus’ taste is way more sophisticated.

Once you finish with the main dish, you should take a dessert, right? And, Kassandra Ice Cream is one of the best treats for you any time of the day.

First you should know about Kassandra ice cream is that it tastes like an actual fruit. You may prefer raspberry, fig, lemon or some other fruit type. But, each taste will enchant you, be sure of it. And take care how many cups you order. Most adults will find that 2 cups are quite a lot for them.

Some great taverns in Kassandra

If you would like to taste authentic Greek Moussaka, pay a visit to the Kostas Tavern in Kriopigi. You can find also great Greek Salad and other homemade specialties at Anthoulas Tavern and Akropolis Tavern with the famous Greek nights. All are close to Kriopigi Hotel.

Special fried cheese, Grilled Octopus and other seafood and meat specialties await you in the Massalia Restaurant in Nea Fokea. Massalia is an embodiment of authentic Greek cuisine on Kassandra, some 20 km away from the Hotel Kriopigi.


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