Why Having a Great Holiday is Easy in the Kriopigi Village?

Kassandra Peninsula is a diverse holiday destination. And the Kriopigi Halkidiki village is one of its gems. Located on the road toward the main resorts, it offers pleasant holidaying with ample options.

Sightseeing, entertaining and shopping opportunities are nearby. Plus, the resort features beautiful environment with a lot of greenery. And these are the reasons why having a great holiday is easy in Kriopigi.

Why Kriopigi is an ideal holiday destination?

The location of the Kriopigi resort places you near best alternatives the peninsula has to offer. It is well known that Hanioti and Pefkohori boast the best shopping while Kallithea is the best nightlife hub. And Kriopigi is between Kallithea and Hanioti, granting an easy and quick access (up to 10 minutes by car) to both resorts. More so, almost every destination on Kassandra is within a 30-minute drive, or close enough, thanks to the village’s central location. Hence, you can reach the Posidi Cape, Chrouso Beach and Nea Poteidaia with ease.

Of course, the Kriopigi settlement has its own assets in regard to shopping and dining. The commercial area of the village is along the main road, which connects Hanioti and Kallithea. There, you will find taverns, pubs, souvenir shops and other stores.

Natural assets of the Kriopigi Village

Furthermore, the resort assumes slopes that gradually descend toward the seaside. Thus, Kriopigi is ideally positioned to offer marvelous views of the Gulf of Toroneos. In addition, you will have Sithonia Peninsula within sight. Pine forests surround the settlement, and you will see olive groves, too.

At the base of the hill, an attractive beach awaits you. If you come with your camper, the campground is right there. But when you turn northward, the blue flag beach appears as if it is far away from the civilization. Steep, wooded slopes and the blue sea, separated by a stretch of pebble beach, might make you feel like Robinson Crusoe did.

Hotel Kriopigi, the Kriopigi resort

These are some reasons why many people like Kriopigi to be their vacation base. And Hotel Kriopigi has additional amenities for you. One of those is the regular train that operates between the hotel and the beach. This is particularly convenient for families with kids.


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