Why Halkidiki is a Magnet for Vacationers

When the crowds go and the beaches are quieter, Halkidiki becomes heaven to those who like to take their second summer vacations in September.

Why Halkidiki is a Magnet for Vacationers even in September

September is the month where most people’s summer vacations have come to an end, the office hours are back to normal, and the kids start nagging about their first school obligations. But the summer is not over just yet – at least not in Greece.

Now that most tourists have gone, the three peninsulas in Halkidiki are peaceful. And Halkidiki winks at all those who crave a late-summer vacation and won’t say no to quiet beaches and clear waters. And there are a few good reasons why Halkidiki is a magnet for vacationers who love getaways in September.

Halkidiki is at its best in September

Each of the three peninsulas is distinguished for its own beauty. Kassandra is the cosmopolitan beauty queen and Sithonia famous for its green landscapes while Mount Athos purely spectacular.

If you stay at Hotel Kriopigi, you can easily visit all locations in Kassandra or book a cruise to check out the beaches at the other two peninsulas. Only a small distance from Thessaloniki, all destinations in Halkidiki are still a magnet for the Greek vacationers who prefer the peace and quiet of the early autumn. And that’s the first important reason why Halkidiki is such a good holiday destination even in September.

It’s free from the buzzing noise large crowds unavoidably make but still not empty.

The Halkidiki beaches are all yours in the early fall

The beaches are not crowded, the sea is still warm, and all fellow vacationers seek exactly what you seek: clearer waters, quiet, and better service. Approximately 25 degrees C, the weather is still nice and perfect for swimming.

All resorts and restaurants are still open, the prices are lower since this is not the hot season, and getting here is easy. If you want to make this September a September to remember, just hop on the car or catch the next flight and see why most Greek holidaymakers return to Halkidiki in the early fall.


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