Halkidiki Summertime Magic

Looking for a convenient vacation destination capable of fulfilling all of your desires? In that case, you are very lucky for landing on this page because you’ve just found what you are looking for.

The Halkidiki peninsula offers you plentiful options, whose engaging seaside is blessed with beautiful nature, rich history and nice weather. Unmatched hospitality of the locals complements the list of constants; everything else is different from one place to another.

Although the Halkidiki coastline is reason enough to stay put, you really should make additional effort and discover some natural and human-made gems just beyond the eyesight. The Petralona Cave, in West Halkidiki, is highly rated among the ancient localities, rich in natural formations and fossil remains.

On the other hand, the so-called Monastic Republic of Mount Athos is one-of-a-kind human creation, the one that resisted and outlasted fierce winds that blew throughout these historically unstable regions. You’ll hardly manage to appreciate every traditional village, unless you move here, but each one of them is full of pleasant surprises. Account yourself among the lucky ones once you discover their traditional products, splendid panoramic views from various vantage points, marvelous architecture, or something else.

Back to the seaside, now. Hidden coves alternate with popular beaches, whose beach bars tend to repel your sleepiness until dawn. While you enjoy sunbathing and bathing in the turquoise waters of the northern Aegean Sea, surrounded by lush vegetation, you might consider renting a boat or some other vessel that will enable you to appreciate the overall beauty from a different perspective.

Whether you prefer a budget or high-end vacation, numerous options are available. Luxurious resorts and hotels alternate with economy accommodation, where you’ll be welcomed like an old friend rather than a guest. Parties for a bunch of people can be organized as easy as a romantic dinner for two. Plentiful ground and water sports will keep your shape intact, as well as horse riding or engaging forest trekking.

And last but not the least, bring some adventure into your Halkidiki stay. Forget about predictable and in advance set routine. Take your two or four-wheeled vehicle and explore the area. Wherever your wheels take you, you’ll have something to discover. It might be an archaeological site, a popular festival, a beach only for you or something else. Whatever that might be, you are on the winning side.


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