Health and Wellness Center of Hotel Kriopigi

Taking care of our health is paramount. And we do it in many ways. We try to have a healthy diet, to be physically active, to be happy and so on. But sometimes, duties overwhelm us and force us to put many things behind, including health.

Even so, we could help ourselves in the times like these with the proper approach. Allocating some time for wellness is a great solution to this kind of problem.

Major Benefits of Wellness

Massages and therapeutic treatments are sources of various benefits. Health improvement, relaxation and the prevention of illnesses are the most important ones. No matter how occupied we are at times, allocating half an hour or so is more than enough to boost our health.

Hotel Kriopigi Wellness Spa

Being aware of this, Hotel Kriopigi has established the Wellness Center offering various treatments. Here, you can enjoy massages, face treatments, body scrubs and other therapeutic treatments. Some rejuvenating and re-energizing treatments on offer are deep tissue massage, head massage and hydration. Cellulite elimination is also available. Aside from these, manicure, foot reflexology and facial massage are options, as well. In a few words, we have you covered no matter what might be troubling you.

People working at Hotel Kriopigi are highly-skilled professionals. They are capable of delivering the highest service standards. With them, you are in safe hands in any possible sense.

Poolside Spa

We also have in mind people who appreciate staying outdoors while on the vacation. To that end, we have an extra spa facility located by the hotel’s swimming pool. This complimentary facility is set in a verdant environment, offering a wide range of pampering treatments.

Hotel Kriopigi’s Business Philosophy

Heaving your needs at heart, Kriopigi Hotel employs only people that are best at what they do. And our beauticians and masseurs aren’t the exception. We believe that only the highest standards are good enough and worthy of delivery. That has been our business philosophy from the start, and we continue to maintain these standards with success.

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