Why is June a perfect time for holidaying in Halkidiki ?

Most people take their summer vacation in July and August. There are many reasons for that and the collective vacation and school holidays are some. But, if you don’t have such obstacles and you are flexible, come in June to Halkidiki, Greece. Then, you can enjoy many benefits, and they aren’t small.

Enjoy uncrowded beaches

This is one of the biggest benefits of starting the vacation ahead of other people. There are many beautiful beaches all over Halkidiki, and you may find even empty ones in June. Or find your ideal spot easy whenever you come at the very least. Now, imagine the difference. In July, you need to start early to find that spot, which will soon be in the middle of the crowd.

Swim in the empty sea

In June in Halkidiki, you can hear only sounds of the waves and nature as you swim in the sea. Also, bring your diving mask and examine the marine life in the shallow waters. It is richer than you would believe.

Nice weather and pleasant temperatures

This special time for holidays in Halkidiki has nice weather. On average, the chance of rain is under 20% while you can count on having 12 sunny hours daily.

More so, temperatures are pleasant for all seaside and inland activities. Daily high temperatures go up to 27°C (80°F) while sea temperatures are around 22°C (71°F). Hence, they are quite pleasant for strolling, swimming and enjoying beach sports.

Cheaper and more satisfying holiday

In June, you can be more relaxed when it comes to the budget. Besides fewer people around, you are likely to enjoy much cheaper vacation. Unlike in the high season, you can choose where to stay with ease and benefit of the lower rates.

Hotel Kriopigi, Halkidiki

So, if you choose the Hotel Kriopigi for your holidays in June, you add other benefits. The hotel is well located, and you will have a great base for getting around. Furthermore, you can enjoy your stay in the airy rooms that provide a lot of comfort and suitable amenities.

Finally, benefiting of the affordable royal treatment and great cuisine is something, right?


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