Kassandra Festival & the Sani Festival

Get ready for the best summer festivals in Halkidiki. The Kassandra Festival & the Sani Festival are about to begin & fill our lives with music & performances.

The Kassandra Festival & the Sani Festival Make Halkidiki Rock

The Kassandra Festival and the Sani Festival have become the hallmarks of summer vacations in the peninsula of Kassandra, Halkidiki, for 27 consecutive years.

The variety of events reveals the multicultural face of both festivals, and so people get to enjoy anything from theatrical and dance performances to live music concerts in two beautiful open-air venues.

Let’s discover them.

The Festival of Kassandra

The Festival of Kassandra takes place every year at the amphitheater of Siviri, which is about a 10-15 min. drive from Hotel Kriopigi. Although a seating capacity for 3,500 people, the amphitheater of Siviri is swamped during the summer months of July and August due to the wide range of happenings, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

The 2019 Kassandra Festival commences on Friday, July 12 with an Auguste Corteau play followed by many music concerts with famous Greek singers ranging from Makedonas and Parios to Paparizou and Marinella, Moliere’s Don Juan, and many more plays and events that will make you laugh, cry and learn.

The Sani Festival

Art has found its home at the open-air venue at Sani Hill as well. With a strong presence in the sector of culture since 1993, the Sani Festival includes an array of performances and concerts throughout July and August too.

In spite of its musical identity and focus on hosting both domestic and international artists, the Sani Festival has lately opened its horizons to other forms of art too.

From July 6 to August 17, people will have the chance to enjoy performers, like Christian Sands, Charles Lloyd, Joachim Horsley, Guhhild Carling and more.

About 20 to 30 min. away from Hotel Kriopigi, you’ll have a date with culture under a clear sky full of stars and full of perspectives.



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