Kassandrino goes back in time

Kassandrino is one of the places you must go to next time you visit Kassandra, Halkidiki. The beauty of the small village and the pine forest will amaze you.

Kassandrino, a place to visit in Kassandra Halkidiki

Kassandrino is such a small village in Halkidiki hidden in plain site up on the hill between Kriopigi and Fourka and enveloped by pine trees that the visitors cannot easily find it.


But its green environment and the journey from one side of the Kassandra peninsula to the other are both worth your attention. Follow us as we travel through the beautiful pine forest and find out why Kassandrino is one of the places you must visit next time you come to Kassandra, Halkidiki.

Kassandrino goes back in time

Located at the top of the small hill found between the villages of Fourka and Kriopigi, Kassandrino counts only 250 permanent residents. In spite of its small size, it still has some archaeological sites and old buildings that attest to the village’s presence in the ancient and Byzantine years.


Today, the passerby can visit the churches, enjoy great quality food in the local taverns, and buy oil and honey – the two prominent local products. But these are not the only things which make Kassandrino a great place to visit in Halkidiki.

The route from Kriopigi to Fourka via Kassandrino is fantastic

The journey from Hotel Kriopigi is not just short, but also fascinating. The pine forest is beautiful – hence, ideal for hiking. Kassandrino is actually a valley and also sheltered from the winds.


No wonder that it provided shelter for the sheepherders of nearby Kassandreia once upon a time – hence, the village’s name.


There’s not really much to see or do in Kassandrino, but driving the route from Kriopigi to Fourka through the hill or putting your sneakers on to hike is the refreshing way of spending a few hours of your holidays and taking some excellent pictures.


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