Let Beautiful Kassandra Steal Your Heart

Never been to the Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki before? Then, brace yourself, and be prepared to be enchanted by its beautiful nature, blue sea, engaging entertainment and marvelous traces of the past times.

In case you have been here before, you must be planning your next visit because once discovered, Kassandra hardly can be replaced.


Get amazed by Kassandra’s green and blue seas

Name of Kassandra is derived from a Greek term referring to excellence and radiance, and as such, its potential to enchant is limitless. Wherever you turn, you are to see the verdant greenery lining or penetrating the blue sea. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets from the western and the green Sithonia peninsula breaking the blue infinity from the eastern coastline. While traversing the Kassandra peninsula, hills and valleys might unearth some pleasant surprises, too.


Take liberty to explore a bit, and you can be rewarded with all of this at once by finding a vantage point on some of Kassandra’s hills. While exploring, you will have an abundance of beaches to choose from to take a break in an intimate or lively environment. Finding blue flag awarded beaches should prove to be a large delicious cherry atop the cake.


Wouldn’t mind getting entertained in the meantime?

No problem. If you tend to be sleepless, there are numerous beach bars in your vicinity. A short walk or drive is everything that divides you from engaging nightlife in a beautiful setting. If you are more a fan of daytime entertaining activities, the abundance of local manifestations, festivals and sport events will keep you occupied most of the time.


Architectural heritage of bygone times on Kassandra Halkidiki

Laying your eyes on something new (or should we say “old” in this case?) is always a convenient addition to a new experience. A couple of centuries old traditional architecture, with historic monuments, establishments and fortifications, is another unique way to enjoy your Kassandra experience. Once formidable and advanced settlements, defensive facilities and religious structures are scattered throughout the peninsula, connected to other points of interest by roads and picturesque alleyways featuring floral patterns and Mediterranean vegetation.


Everything put together, with up to an hour driving distance between farthermost points of interest, certainly promises an unforgettable vacation for families, party people and solitude seekers alike.



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