The Local Products in Halkidiki

Olive oil, nuts, herbs, fish, and olives all form the basis of the Mediterranean diet pyramid and are also the products you will find in Halkidiki.

The local products in Halkidiki compose the Mediterranean diet pyramid

Nowadays, we call nuts, honey, olive oil, vegetables and other products superfoods due to their nutrient density.

But these products compose the world-known Mediterranean diet pyramid and are found in abundance in Halkidiki, Greece.

That’s hardly strange. The origins of this nutritious diet trace back to the Mediterranean countries and in spite of all misconceptions, it’s not actually a diet but a way of living.

Local products form the basis of the Mediterranean Pyramid

Halkidiki is a paradise for gastronomic guests. With the local products ranging from olives and olive oil to cheese, honey, seafood, and wine, the summer vacations become a real feast.

But if you know a thing or two about the Mediterranean diet, you’d probably know that such nutritious foods form the basis of the most popular pyramid in the world. The essence of the Mediterranean diet is to adopt more healthy eating habits that would include more fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and fish and less meat.

Mediterranean diet + exercise = long and happy life

The principle of the diet lies on the consumption of proportionally higher amounts of fresh food, moderate proportions of dairy, fish, and wine, and lower consumption of meat. And this practice decreases the possibility of heart diseases and cancer and increases the health benefits.

That’s how the Mediterranean diet took global proportions about a half a century ago. The scientists noticed that the people in Greece live longer and are healthier although they still eat fat.

The difference is that the Mediterranean diet is low in saturated fats and when combined with regular exercise has excellent effects on one’s health. So if you plan to visit Halkidiki, enjoy your meals at Hotel Kriopigi, swim a lot, and take local products with you to continue your Mediterranean healthy habits back at home.


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