One Ideal Summer Day by the Seaside of Halkidiki

Summer is the season we all look forward to. To many people, it is the only time of year when they feel relaxed. Thus, choosing the right destination for a summer holiday is essential.

This article isn’t about telling you what makes Halkidiki this destination. Instead, it describes how one ordinary (or ideal, if you prefer) summer day in the resort looks like here.


Between 7 am and 8 am is the ideal time for waking up. Depending on the month, mornings might be cool. But, it becomes warm soon enough. If you can’t imagine facing the world without coffee, drink yours by 9 am and then head to the beach. If a cup of coffee can wait a bit, postpone this leisure activity until you find a beach bar.

The ideal time for activities on the beach lasts approx. to noon. Many vacationers start arriving after 11 am, which corresponds to the time of the day when it gets hot. It is time for lunch, it seems.


Greek gastronomy is favorite to everyone who had an opportunity to enjoy it. And there are many fine traditional taverns lining the Halkidiki seaside. There, enjoy fresh fish, seafood and dishes based on pork, chicken or other type of meat. Complement your meal with Tzatziki salad and Ouzo, a traditional Greek beverage.

Use mid-afternoon to browse shops. Most tourists are either on the beach or in their rooms, so you can enjoy shopping without the hustle. Once the heat slackens, usually after 4 pm, head back to the beach.


Evening is the liveliest time of the day in a Halkidiki resort. During the early evening, many visitors return to their rooms to jump into their best outfit. Afterward, they head to the center of the resort for a walk along busy streets. Bakeries and restaurants are full of people, just like shops, but finding a table is easier than it may appear. Also, street performers emerge to entertain passers-by.

Afterward, leave the jolly crowd to find a table at a beach bar. There, enjoy a cocktail under the moonlight and the sound of the sea waves splashing against the coast.

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