The green olives of Halkidiki are a PDO product. Learn to love this Greek product by reading all you need to know about the Halkidiki green olives.

PDO Green Olives of Halkidiki: What You Need to Know

The green olives of Halkidiki were registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product in 2012 by the EU. They grow and are harvested in Halkidiki, Greece. They are an excellent treat and very good for human health. Due to their large size, they are often stuffed.


Although they are mainly table olives, they go well with a drink too. They also featured in a scene at “The Wolf of Wall Street” leaving Leonardo DiCaprio in awe and us in a great urge to tell you all you need to know about the famous Halkidiki green olives.


The green olives of Halkidiki are a PDO product

There is a variety of Halkidiki olives. This means that there are black and green olives. But the region is known for the latter and actually the green olives of Halkidiki have been awarded with the status of Protected Designation of Origin by the European Union. What does this mean?


The PDO status is awarded to products that are cultivated, harvested, processed, and produced in a specific geographical area – in this case, this would be Halkidiki, and bear characteristics and features attributed to this particular region.


The features of the Halkidiki green olives

The green olives of Halkidiki are large although their size is not always the same. Their size ranges from large and jumbo to colossal, mammoth, and atlas and is always big – hence, their nickname: “donkey-olives”.


They have an oval-shape and are harvested approximately two months earlier than their black olive counterparts. They are processed in brine (sometimes in oil too), have a pale or bright green color and great nutritional value, and are distinguished for their fruity aroma and their slightly bitter, peppery, and full taste. You can find them whole, pitted, cut in half, sliced, or as a paste.


Due to their size, they are often stuffed with cheese, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, or almonds and so make a great snack or appetizer while serving as table olives too. You’ll love them. Leonardo did.

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