Summer Vacations Become

There are ways to make the winter days go by without sadness and the center of it all is the summer vacations and all the memories you brought home with you.

Summer Vacations Become our Fuel throughout the Winter

When the summer opens its wings to fly away and we start getting cold at dusk, the autumn sadness overwhelms us. Winter has its moments too even to those who prefer the sweet summer holidays in the small villages of Halkidiki.

But as it gets chillier and you cuddle up on the sofa observing the days becoming shorter and shorter, you need some fuel to keep you going. And there’s no better match than the beautiful memories from a summer holiday that went by so quickly but had so much to give.

Why we need summer holidays to drive us through the winter

It seemed like it was yesterday when you were packing to get to the Hotel Kriopigi for the summer vacation and now it’s already fall. The time passes quickly.

Before you know it, you are back in the office, paying bills, chasing after the kids, trying to run all errands, and getting colder and colder day after day.

The short and dark winter days hardly make things easier. No wonder depression is a winter thing. Wouldn’t the memory of splish-splashing in the blue sea waters of Halkidiki make your days a tad brighter?

Ways to keep your summer vacation memories alive

You may argue that it’s hard to keep the memories of your summer holidays in Greece vibrant when you deal with so many concerns daily. No objection here.

On the other hand, there are simple ways to make your days more colorful.

  • Tell all your friends about the hotel in Kriopigi, the beach, the people you met, the food you tasted, and the places you visited.
  • Watch the videos and pictures you took while you went sailing in Kassandra or when you visited the Petralona Cave.
  • Bring back on the table these tiny moments when you laughed your heart out with some goofy situations.
  • Cook some of the recipes you learned in Halkidiki and discover the hidden Greek chef within you by using the local Kriopigi products. It’ll bring a smile to your face.



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