Summer Vacations How to Get Organized

If you get well organized, your summer vacations in Greece will be carefree. Learn how to make your life easy and anticipate the moment of your holiday.

Summer Vacations: How to Get Organized

The family meeting is held and you have decided: you are going to Greece this coming summer. That’s splendid. You are all excited and happy, but when the kids split, you get nervous. Where should you start? What should you do? What should you take with you? Relax.

It’s just vacations. And anything you miss taking with you, you can find at your destination. All the same, your summer holidays will become more carefree if you get organized beforehand. This is what you should do.

Book the hotel room & flight

Book your room at Hotel Kriopigi early to make sure there’s a vacancy for the period of your leave. That’s of the essence. Then decide how you are going to travel. If you are taking a plane, book the flight early too. If you are taking the car, schedule a visit to the mechanic for a routine check.

Check your luggage

Find your luggage and check their condition. You don’t want to pack and then discover two of the wheels are broken! Make sure the luggage you own is enough for the things you want to take with you. And think which handbags to bring and if you want a beach bag with you.

Do your research

If you are not planning to spend every single day at the beach but want to do some sightseeing, do your research while you are still at home. If you like to visit Petralona Cave or go hiking, you might want to bring a pair of sneakers with you.

Make a list

Prepare a list for every member of your family in terms of clothing & toiletry items. Think if you need meds or diapers with you and don’t forget to write down even the obvious stuff like your handbag, cell, or sunglasses. We always end up forgetting the things we need the most.


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