Swim in the safe waters of Halkidiki

Are you anxiously waiting for summer to come and explore Greece’s top beaches? Find out more of Halkidiki’s stunning and safe beaches for the best summer vacations.

Greece has always been one of the top destinations in Europe for summer retreats.

Undoubtedly, Greece’s sea is the country’s true treasure. The Aegean’s azure waves hide wonderful stories of myths and legends. All year-round, the Aegean Sea is stunning. In wintertime, the wild waves remind us of the countless fights of Greece’s strong warriors who fought for freedom, their beliefs, and values.

In summer, the calm waters are welcoming and warm. They wait for people to celebrate the wonders of summer.

Greece was actually awarded for having some of the safest beaches in Europe. It has almost 500 blue flag beaches, making Greece the second country with the most blue flag awarded beaches worldwide. Nearly 100 (94 awarded in 2020) of these beaches are at Halkidiki.

Hotel Kriopigi is at the small picturesque village Kriopigi, which is home to a blue flag awarded beach. It has stunning views, but it is also suitable for swimming because of its safe crystal-clear waters.

The white sandy beach is the best for family vacations. Furthermore, it is undoubtedly the best option for those looking for a less crowded beach for a quiet and relaxing time. Additionally, the azure waters of the beach, the white sand, and the stunning views of Halkidiki’s green forests make Kriopigi an exceptional destination for photography lovers.


Photo by elCarito on Unsplash

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