Taste Authentic Greek Cuisine in Kriopigi

Tasting delicious Greek food is a must when you are on holiday in Greece. Check out the top 5 restaurants near our hotel Kriopigi for a journey of authentic Greek cuisine.

Holidays in Greece are a dream, and Hotel Kriopigi will make sure to make that dream true. The hotel is in the village of Kriopigi. It is a graphic village surrounded by pine trees and golden sandy beaches with crystal-clear azure waters.

Furthermore, it is a village that can offer you a journey of delicious local food at several authentic Greek cuisine restaurants, beach bars, and traditional taverns.

Check out the top 5 restaurants near our hotel:

Anthoulas Restaurant

Another restaurant just a few minutes away from the hotel serves tasty authentic Greek cuisine. The restaurant is in the old part of the village, so the guests can have even more authentic traditional Greek vibes.

Furthermore, the restaurant has delicious vegetarian and vegan options.

Taverna Nikos

Less than ten minutes walk from the hotel with delicious authentic Greek food and dessert and a bonus of fantastic sea views while dining. Guests here love the variety of fresh fish but mostly the friendly and helpful staff.

Taverna Kostas

Kostas taverna in Kriopigi of Halkidiki is a very good choice for traditional Greek cuisine in the area. Founded in 1969, it is famous for its high quality food and the authentic flavors. Sit in the traditionally, family space with the beauty of the flowers an the trees and enjoy homemade greek specialties and local recipes grilled and stew products.

Taverna Balatsos

Taverna Balatsos is in the old part of Kriopigi and only a few minutes away from the hotel. The restaurant is in a garden. Thus it has a very traditional and countryside vibe. Furthermore, it serves delicious authentic Greek cuisine at any time since it offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Just half a kilometre away from the hotel, Acropolis serves traditional fresh homemade food, Greek coffee, and exceptional local wines. Almost every night, there is live music with traditional Greek songs, ballads, or alternative music. Additionally, the restaurant has a kids’ playground.


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