Things to do with kids in Halkidiki

Are you travelling with kids and wondering what activities you could do? Fear not, here you can find all the kid-friendly things you can do in Halkidiki!

Spring is almost over, and naturally, all the children in the world are eager for their summer vacations. However, sometimes planning for a vacation with kids can be challenging.

There are many things parents will need to consider for their family vacations, especially regarding their safety. Undoubtedly, Greece is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. But one might wonder, are Greece’s top destinations kid-friendly? Or what activities can families do together in Greece?

Of course, Greece’s top favourite area for family vacations is the beautiful Halkidiki.

Halkidiki can offer everything Greece is famous for, such as crystal clear beaches with calming waves, majestic nature, beautiful ancient ruins, picturesque villages in the countryside, and magnificent cathedrals, churches, or monasteries.

Here are the top 5 things to do with kids:

Take a cruise to Toroneos Gulf

The cruise to Toroneos Gulf is the best opportunity for families to enjoy Halkidiki’s calm and crystal-clear blue waves. The journey will give you amazing views of the sea in combination with the stunning mountainous forest of the land.

Families will certainly love the picturesque villages adorning Halkidiki’s peninsula, and they might get the chance to see dolphins welcoming them to their beautiful home.

Go for kayaking

Undoubtedly, the children will love a fun and active day of kayaking. At Sithonia peninsula, near Vourvourou, families can enjoy a full day of kayaking at the stunning waters of the Aegean Sea.

They will kayak to the majestic Diaporos island. They will be able to fully enjoy the summer breeze, the addictive smell of the sea, and the burning sun.

Take a cruise to Ouranoupoli and Mount Athos

Ouranoupoli is at the easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki and is the last stop before the sacred land of Athos, “The Holy Mountain”.

By taking a cruise, you can see the graphic village of Ouranoupoli hidden in nature, the numerous beautiful beaches of the peninsula, as well as enjoy the view of the many churches, chapels, or monasteries at Mount Athos. Here, families can learn of Halkidiki’s history.

Go for snorkeling

Another fun activity for all is snorkeling. Surely, the famous Aegean Sea of Greece attracts millions of people yearly. However, it is not only about sandy beaches, sunbathing, and sandcastles. Greece’s sea life is colourful, vibrant, and unique.

Thus, snorkeling as a family in Halkidiki’s crystal-clear waters will definitely be an unforgettable memory.


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