Top 5 Things to Do this Summer

Kassandra Peninsula in Halkidiki is an attractive vacation destination. If features various engaging opportunities. Sightseeing, enjoying beautiful coastline and exceptional dining are among them.

Yet, to make your holiday being above average, include the following activities into your vacation plan.

Explore traditional Afytos

The village of Afytos is a true pearl of the Kassandra peninsula. As you walk its streets, you will discover houses built by stone and Orthodox Christian churches. Open your eyes for inscriptions decorating stone houses. While discovering those requires some effort, admiring sweeping views of the Aegean Sea doesn’t. Afytos occupies a vantage point revealing the coast of East Kassandra and the Toroneos Gulf.

Enjoy sunset on the Possidi Cape

Possidi Cape is a promontory on West Kassandra protruding into the sea. In fact, it is a white-sand beach that will make you think you are in a desert once you step on it. What’s more, sea currents change the shape of the beach. Finally, Possidi Cape isn’t frequented by many tourists, so you can enjoy marvelous sunsets in solitude.

Relax on Chrousso Beach

Known as one of the most beautiful beaches on Kassandra, Chrousso Beach is one of the most visited, too. Verdant forests surround this piece of paradise and the water is pretty shallow. Chrousso Beach also features soft sand. Furthermore, there are water sports available nearby for the adventurers and people yearning for a bit of fun.

Visit local open market in Kassandria

Kassandria’s biggest hallmark, proves to be its open market once a week. Make sure to visit it if you are a fan because you’ll hardly find another on Kassandra. Besides fruit and vegetables, you can buy shoes, clothing and other stuff.

Have fun in Kallithea

Kallithea resort is the nightlife hub of Kassandra, Halkidiki. There, you will find many beach bars and nightlife venues playing party music. But, leave that for the evening. During the day, benefit of attractive beaches flanked by lush vegetation.


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