Traditional Greek Hospitality

Greece is famous as the cradle of modern civilization and country with numerous historical sites and beautiful nature. But, the very first thing you are greeted with once you cross the Greek border is Greek hospitality.

The foundations of the Greek hospitality are as old as the legacies of an ancient Greek civilization, and it is equally good as the “old wine”. Such a commendable trait is common to all Greeks, and the traveler is welcomed with a warm smile and kindness worthy of a good old friend regardless of the town or region in Greece.

Hospitality in Greece is cherished and carefully tended throughout history as a precious gem. Wherever you choose to take a look, the quality of this gem is obvious at first sight because Greek hospitality is truly profound. Being guest in Greece is a great privilege, and you shouldn’t be surprised when needed assistance is delivered at the same moment when asked for.

You may happen to be on the road, in a café bar, a restaurant or wherever. In a restaurant, for example, timely delivery of your order and the quality of the meal can’t go apart. If you pay a visit to an archaeological site, you are very likely to receive bonus knowledge in addition to the main features.

The same holds true for your Greek hosts in hotels and other types of accommodation. Each guest is equally well welcomed and your needs are taken care of with special attention. There isn’t a single Greek host that wouldn’t go an extra mile to make a more pleasurable stay to his or her guests.

You might need a simple tip regarding sightseeing or shopping in their town and you will receive the best recommendations. In case you need a transfer to or from your accommodation or anything else, you can completely rely on your Greek hosts.

So whenever you decide to pay a visit to this extraordinary diverse and friendly country, you can rest assured that you are in a very good hands while there, and among the people you will in no time call “dear friends”.


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