Traditional Products of Halkidiki

The region of Halkidiki Greece is blessed with perfect climate and enough sunny days to cultivate products that are widely accepted as the main ingredients of the Mediterranean nutrition.

Some of them are widely acknowledged for their quality, while others still remain relatively unknown. Read on to renew your knowledge about the former and find out something about the latter.

Traditional Products of Halkidiki Greece

Olive oil

Probably the most famous Greek product, the olive oil is an unavoidable ingredient to any local specialty and salad. Not only the olive oil enriches the taste of any salad, but vegetables and meat fried in the olive oil achieve an extraordinary flavor that no meal fried in any other oil can compete itself with. What is nothing less extraordinary about the olive oil is that only a small dose is sufficient for spicing.

If you need further confirmation of the olive oil’s quality, try putting it on yourself during a sunny day and have some sunbathing.


Goat milk and cheese

By touring Halkidiki, one can’t miss numerous goat herds roaming the countryside. As a result of goat breeding, supported by rich vegetation and agricultural tradition, goat milk and cheese boast extraordinary quality and flavor. Rich in proteins and with high nutritional value, the goat cheese is among the healthiest and tastiest products from the Halkidiki region you can have.


Sousoura honey

Sousoura honey (never heard of it before, aren’t you?) is a honey with exceptionally high nutritional value, produced by a plant that grows in certain areas of Halkidiki. Featuring unusual, but pleasant flavor, the Sousoura honey improves overall health and neutralizes free radicals. It is especially recommended for people suffering from anemia.


Pine honey

Pine forests of Halkidiki are dotted by bee hives, from where tasty and healthy pine honey is collected. The pine honey is very rich in minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron…), and has high nutritional value. Featuring fewer calories than most other types of honey, the pine honey is recommended for all those taking care of their line and diet.


Orange cake

And last, but not the least, the orange cake is an exceptional delicacy you should have as a dessert or snack. Featuring sweet flavor, but far from overly sweet, it is among the most exquisite confections you can treat yourself with.



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