How to Travel to Halkidiki, Greece?

Halkidiki, Greece, features great location at the crossroad of many kinds. And getting to this beautiful region of Greece is possible in several ways. An excellent road network connects Halkidiki to Asia Minor, the Balkans and Central Europe.

Also, the international airport near Thessaloniki is at the doorstep of the region. Finally, there are many ports along its coastline. So, arriving in Halkidiki shouldn’t be a problem regardless of the means of transport you choose.

A trip to Halkidiki by car

To arrive in Halkidiki by car from distant places, use Thessaloniki as an orienting point. The second largest city in Greece is the region’s close neighbor. And once you get to Thessaloniki, you have almost arrived. Unless you wish to visit the city, getting through Salonika isn’t necessary. Use the Ring Road that circumvents the city to save time and fuel. Follow the signs to get to Halkidiki quickly from there.

If you arrive from the east, Asia Minor or East Bulgaria for example, you don’t have to go via Thessaloniki. In this case, turning to the south near Stavros is an option. Yet, you’ll need to drive over the Mount Holomontas, which is a slower alternative. It is worthwhile only if you head to eastern regions of Halkidiki. But if you travel to Kassandra, use the highway to Thessaloniki. Once you are there, follow road signs to Kassandra and get there in about an hour.

Traveling to Halkidiki by plane

Planes fly to Thessaloniki from many main European cities. Paris, Moscow, Istanbul and Athens are some of them. Upon landing, you can either rent a car or take a KTEL bus from the Halkidiki Bus Station. Different lines connect the city to destinations throughout the Halkidiki region. The price of the one-way ticket is approx. 15 EUR.

Ports in Halkidiki

The Halkidiki region is located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Hence, it is accessible from the Black Sea, Marmara Sea and the Mediterranean. And you can use many ports to anchor your vessel along the coastline of Halkidiki. On Kassandra, some available ports are Sani, Nea Skioni and Pefkohori. On Sithonia, Neos Marmaras, Ormos Panagias and Porto Koufo are good options. On Athos area, there is Ouranoupoli port available.


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