Travel Solo and Stay Safe

“Traveling solo is great”. You will hear many solo travelers say so. But, as it happens, being on your own away from home requires certain preparations.

You remain unrestricted by habits of a fellow traveler, which could be annoying, true. Also, you adapt only to your needs and preferences.

Yet, being alone renders you susceptible to a darker side of traveling. And that one might endanger your safety. Hence, continue reading to learn how to stay on the safe side.

Try to blend with the locals

Always know that where tourists go, scammers do as well. Thus, you should keep to places frequented by people. If you go to empty or dark areas, always be aware of your surroundings. Maybe you won’t be physically threatened, but keep that possibility in mind, too.

If possible, try to appear like a local whenever you can. Examine local fashion before a trip and adopt a local behavior. If you don’t know the destination well, download guides and maps to your smartphone and consult them. Printed versions of these mark you out in a mile.

Stick to common sense

Appearing self-confident and not accepting imposed “favors” is the second line of defense. If you aren’t sure about your next direction or move, don’t let it out. While most locals are welcoming toward tourists, they may be like that for many reasons. Therefore, choose whom you will ask for help with care. People working in stores and restaurants and police officers should be the ones you ask for help first.

Additional tips for staying safe during solo travels

– Always choose well-rated hotels and lodgings to stay at;

– Never have more money with you than you need for a day; if you are unsure how much you will spend, use a credit card;

– If you meet someone, you suggest a place where to have a drink. If the new acquaintance is sincere, he/she won’t mind. If the acquaintance tries to convince you to accept his/her suggestion, something’s wrong;

– Be modest and don’t display expensive jewelry or else in public. It is calling for a big trouble under the circumstances.

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