Traveling with Kids in Halkidiki

Planning a family trip to Halkidiki? Wondering how to make the journey safe? These tips are your ticket to traveling with kids in Halkidiki in a stress-free way.

Traveling with Kids in Halkidiki Greece

Halkidiki is the ideal destination if you travel with kids.

The beaches are safe, the waters are shallow and clean, and the outdoor activities plenty to bring joy to families with children of all ages.

But more often than not, the prospect of traveling with kids in Halkidiki is a bit daunting. You can’t help but wonder how safe the journey can be for the little fellows or what measures you should take to avoid mishaps at your destination!

If you want to earn a ticket to peace of mind, here are some tips.

  • Traveling by car? Make sure the toddlers sit on the baby seat, but make short stops. It’s recommended that babies do not stay in the baby seat for more than two hours. What’s more, never put the baby seat in the front seat. Children must always sit in the back seat and the older ones must be fastened with the seat belt.
  • If you are planning a sailing cruise in Halkidiki, don’t leave the kids unattended. They might fall by trying to watch the fish or slip on the deck. Even if the kids are older than toddlers, make sure they wear anti-slippery shoes and are never alone.
  • Children should wear comfortable clothes during the trip. Nothing should press the kid’s stomach.
  • Dress the child in clothes that can easily come off in case they need to go to the bathroom. Get an additional set of clothes – kids get their clothes stained in a heartbeat.
  • Apart from packing clothing and the essentials, bring the kid’s favorite books & toys, some snacks and medicine, a couple of towels and wet wipes, and a vomit bag – just in case. Such items will come handy even if you are in the comfort of your room at Hotel Kriopigi.
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