What to Pack for your Summer Vacation

Are you planning to visit a resort this summer? If yes, use our ultimate packing list for your next summer vacation for a relaxing and unforgettable beach getaway.

Summer vacations are something we all wait patiently all year round, but especially in the wintertime. After all, traveling to a summer destination is all about escaping the daily mundane routines and responsibilities.

But for the perfect summer vacation, you need a packing list since traveling needs good organizational skills. For your convenience, here is a list of the essential things you need to pack for your next retreat at a relaxing beach resort.

Hat and Sunglasses

If you plan to visit a summer resort in a hot country with scorching temperatures, you shouldn’t forget your sunglasses and a hat. First of all, it is common knowledge that eyes are often sensitive to the sun. Thus sunglasses are essential to protect our eyesight. Furthermore, a hat will protect you from any sun illnesses.


No matter how much one might love the sun and desire to lay for a sunbath, the burning sun will surely sunburn your sensitive skin. So, sunscreen is a must. Be sure to apply it every time you go outside, for a swim, a walk, or even a drink.

Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable bottle should be essential for summer. Always have it with you in a carry-on. Use it when you go to the beach, for a hike, for a walk, or at an event. It will keep you hydrated on the go.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Surely if you are visiting a new place, you will want to discover and explore its historical or cultural landmarks. That’s why vacations often equal long hours of walking. Therefore, take light and comfortable walking shoes to explore new places.

Sweater or thin jacket

Of course, one would say, why would anyone need a jacket when visiting a hot country. But nights tend to be chilly. So, pack a thin sweater or jacket, or if you prefer, a scarf to cover up yourself in the summer breeze.

Extra swimming Suit

If you love the sea, then you might not be able to resist going to the beach or a pool every single day when visiting a beach resort. So, it is best to have an extra swimming suit if there are no laundry facilities at your accommodation.

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