What Type of a Traveler Are You?

People travel a lot and for different reasons. Some travel for well-being. Others take the holiday for relaxation, seeing something new or adventure. If any of these describes you, Halkidiki is your dream destination.

Even if your interests are different, give this beautiful region a chance. It will reward you multi-fold.

Halkidiki for solo travelers

Solo traveling is a great way of discovering the world around you. But, lone travelers face more inconveniences than group travelers, in general. That doesn’t apply for Halkidiki.

Halkidiki is a very safe place. More so, the region is easy for getting around and its residents are friendly and forthcoming. Thus, whatever you may need is on its way as soon as you mention it. So, if you are after a place that will fulfill all your wishes and needs, this is the right one.

Halkidiki holidays for couples

If you are happily coupled or married, Halkidiki’s peninsulas offer a lot of romance. Many places along the western coastlines of Kassandra and Sithonia have amazing sunsets. More so, the latter has many secluded and empty beaches, especially out of the top season.

Family holidays

While Sithonia is a paradise for explorers, Kassandra is ideal for families. Most resorts along its eastern shore have facilities catering to young and very young guests. Areas for a stroll are many and they are well maintained. Finally, you will find beaches in Kriopigi, Polihrono and other resorts suitable for kids. Many of them feature a gradual entry into the sea.

Adventurous and nightlife vacations

Finally, many places around are ideal for adventurers and travelers preferring nightlife. Kassandra isn’t only its coastline, any you should visit its inland villages. Along the way, you will fall in love with its nature. As for Sithonia, it features dense woods and cliffs with spectacular views of the sea.

The Kassandra’s resort of Kalithea is famous for its nightclubs. So, to combine first-class nightlife and beautiful seaside, come to neighboring Kriopigi and the Hotel Kriopigi. The resort is well-connected with other parts of the peninsula and the region. Most of all, it features splendid nature.

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